Audio Zone – A new experience in realism

Audio Zone products represent the leading edge of technology in the realistic reproduction of music. Whether your tastes run to jazz and classical or rock and pop, you will find that Audio Zone components will provide a completely new level of enjoyment of your favourite music.

Highest Quality Throughout

Audio Zone Amp-1 Every aspect of an Audio Zone component is manufactured using the very best quality parts and materials available...

"Audio Zone has to be congratulated for sourcing technologies which are some way from conventional and for building and finishing their products to such a high standard. These are beautifully presented yet tiny little boxes that pack a surprising musical punch. All they need is speakers to match." HiFi+ Review (PDF)

And from HiFi Choice about the Amp-1

"Its designer, Peter Daniel, has spared no effort on the aesthetics, build and component quality. And, of course, its sonic performance." HiFi Choice Review (PDF)

Manufactured in Canada

All Audio Zone products are designed and built in Toronto. Designers Peter Daniel and George Tordai bring together a wealth of talent and experience, not to mention a lifelong love for music and music reproduction. The combination has produced some very exciting components that will never disappoint.

"the sound was never less than engaging, richly textured and unconstrained..." Hi-Fi World Review (PDF)